2019: Resolutions and Races

As we enter into the third week of January, many will have already given up on New Year’s Resolutions, where as I am still planning them out. I consider January a special month, in part because it is the first month of the year, winter is my favorite, and it is my birthday month. I used to give myself the entire month to think and develop my resolutions and then formalize them in a day planner at the end of the month. That tradition slipped through the cracks as life took numerous twists and turns over the past seven years. This year…. things will change.


My first resolution for 2019 is to declare and formalize some resolutions and goals for year ahead.  And look at me write… I am already working my way through my first goal. Without further ado, My goals for 2019 are as follows:

    1. Break out the Nikon D500 and take more pictures
    2. Travel to Canada and take grandmother’s ashes home
    3. Blog: Be more consistent (2 posts per month)
    4. Focus on friendship: invest and give back to someone special in my life every month
    5. Racing: Commit to an event each month of the year (Current race list in progress)
        ♥ Race at least one marathon (continuance of chasing 50 in 50)
        ♥ Race with my daughters
        ♥ Train to improve my time on at least one race this year

To be honest I have many smaller goal and many larger goals, but these are the big ones I want to share with everyone. What are your thoughts? Do you have any resolutions? Do you prefer goals? Do you like lifestyle changes  or a focus on developing a new healthy habit or kicking a bad habit?

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