PhD Blog Assignment – WK 7

The Online Center for Education highlights 50 websites focusing on educational gaming dedicated to reinforcing businesses classes of adult students to educating high school students about cancer (Jensen, n.d.). Of the 50 games listed, the following two games will be discussed here: EVE Online and Karma Tycoon.

  1. EVE Online

EVE Online is designed to allow the player to run the most powerful business in the world, including being involved in mining, piracy, manufacturing, trading, exploration, and combat (EVE Online, n.d.). The game was first released in 2003, grew to over 500,000 users in 2013, and expanded in 2016 to provide a modified free limited capability edition in 2016. The game allows the users to advance over time by developing skills through a passive process with a maximum ability to continue to acquire skills over a 10 year period (EVE Online, n.d.). The complexity of the game is a result of multiple economies, different races, and the element of freedom, consequence, and autonomy that exist in real world cultures (EVE Online, n.d.) this gaming technology is high ranked high in developing business and management skills and has continued to experience growth for the last 17 years. The complexity of the game challenge allows the users to progress only so far in the areas they excel; the complexity requires users to focus on developing weaker skills before being able to progress. The continued growth and popularity of the game has shown it to have long lasting interest.

This game could be incorporated in my professional practice by helping people explore strengths and weaknesses. This is a step out of the comfort zone from my profession and could provide a welcome break to help people look at things from a very different perspective, challenge them to develop new skills, and give them a break from the redundancy of some of the material covered on a daily basis. The game also has the capability for solo players to work in groups, including pirate clans and corporations. Pairing and grouping people up would be a beneficial team building experience both inside the game and during face to face interactions.

  1. Karma Tycoon

Karma Tycoon is a philanthropic video game that uses social media, training modules, and technology to help the player try to eliminate poverty by creating shelters (Karma Tycoon, n.d.). As players create shelters, players are challenged with financial decisions including building shelters, fixing existing shelters, and the cost to keep shelters open (Stannard-Stockton, 2007). The more good karma a player does, the more karma points earned, which can be applied toward grants. The game is criticized for being too abstract and simple. However, this game is excellent for teaching students the basic concepts of grant funding and how non-profits work. Karma Tycoon is considered one of the first online games that merge Sims with educational purposes. The game also educates about the current homelessness dilemma, death statistics from homelessness, and different options to address homelessness.

In my professional practice, this game could be used to facilitate discussion about grant funding issues. Several program areas in our organization apply for grant funds each year and several positions within our organization are grant funded positions. This game has the opportunity to evaluate long term consequences of grant funded programs. This game could also be used to teach people about grant funding and non-profits that have no experience in that area. This type of cross-training would help people who have an idea for applying for a grant, who are considering becoming involved in a grant funded process, or just want a better understanding of the process. This game could also be used to help our interns by showing them some of what we do and giving them the opportunity to learn in their down time.


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