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As I write this, my middle daughter, Joss, is finishing her first Optionals Season as a Level 6 gymnast. Over the years I had hoped to record memories of her years in gymnastics, from her first practice, to being on pre-team, to her first meet, her first back handspring, her first camp, and on and on. Then, at other times I thought it was unfair to try and dedicate time recording these memories because I have two other children, and in a family of five, life can be, at times quite hectic, sometimes emotional, and always messy. As a mother, I have also let society make me feel mom-guilt… mom-guilt that if I couldn’t capture all the moments for everyone in my family, then I shouldn’t do it at all. Yet, somewhere in the middle of all this confusion, I thought about my husband, who was a stellar athlete in high school and went on to play professional baseball. He is a middle child and somehow his mother managed to clip news article highlights, make scrapbooks, and take trips across the country to watch him play ball. So, at some point in recent months I decided I would go ahead and begin writing about her time in gymnastics through the lens of her mother. Below is a chronology of the last six years. I plan to use this to journal/post/blog about memories of each year and season.

The Beginning

I started my two oldest daughters in gymnastics when they turned 4. My oldest daughter, Madalyn, started at the YMCA in South Georgia. By the time Joss turned 4 we had since moved to Tallahassee, Florida. With a few gymnastics programs in town, I decided to enroll both girls in the program put on by the city. In early 2015, I showed up to the gymnastics facility for new enrollment day, which consisted of a lottery system. I was one of the first people there and when I drew my number, I was one of the very last to enroll. This meant most classes would be filled up. By the time my number was up to enroll the building was almost empty and most volunteers had left. Luckily, I was able to find a class for both girls, even though they were on different days. I even complained that I would have to drive there on two different days – I laugh in retrospect as there have been weeks I have been at the facility every day, sometimes twice a day.

Both girls started classes in Spring of 2015. Madalyn had a 1-hr Beginner class and Jossalyn was in a 30-min Pre-K class. Over the next couple of years, they enjoyed gymnastics, advanced to more challenging classes, and also participated in soccer and softball. Madalyn eventually moved on to other activities, retiring her leotard for softball, cello, and sewing. Joss began to fall in love with gymnastics and in the summer of 2017 was invited to join team. We accepted and she started training in the Fall 2017 and competed in her first meet in 2018. It was clear that she loved competing from the very first meet. The shiny leotard, the hair, the excitement of performing. To this day she still exudes the same excitement, love, joy, and passion for the sport.



Spring – USAG Level 1

DateMeetVaultBarsBeamFloorAll Around
JanuaryConquistador Classic8.950 – 6th9.300 – 2nd9.025 – 3rd9.350 – 1st36.625 – 4th
FebruaryEdgewater Classic9.250 – 4th(T)9.075 – 4th9.350 – 2nd9.650 – 2nd37.325 – 3rd

Fall – USAG Level 2

DateMeetVaultBarsBeamFloorAll Around
SeptemberCanopy Roads Classic8.775 -4th8.625 – 4th9.1 – 4th8.825 – 9th35.325 – 5th
OctoberFall into Edgewater8.700 – 6th9.325 – 1st9.150 – 6th8.2 – 10th35.375 – 7th
OctoberTeddy Bear Invitational9.250 – 5th8.475 -15th8.275 – 17th8.9 – 9th(T)34.9 – 16th
NovemberGoing for Gold Invite9.100 – 8th9.300 – 1st8.575 – 8th9.625 – 1st36.6 – 4th


Summer – UF Gymnastics Camp

Fall – USAG Level 3

DateMeetVaultBarsBeamFloorAll Around
SeptemberFall into Edgewater9.050 – 2nd8.800 – 3rd9.125 – 2nd0.000 – 11th26.975 – 11th
OctoberCanopy Roads Classic9.500 – 2nd8.250 – 8th8.750 – 1st9.050 – 2nd35.550 – 3rd
NovemberGymnastics Around the World Invite9.475 – 2nd9.100 – 8th(T)9.175 – 3rd8.850 – 8th36.600 – 6th
NovemberGoing for Gold Invite9.650 – 1st9.150 – 4th9.425 – 1st8.950 – 6th37.175 – 1st
NovemberChalk it Up Junior9.250 -6th9.000 – 4th8.750 – 4th8.800 – 6th35.800 – 5th


Pandemic (COVID) – no meets


Spring – USAG Level 4

DateMeetVaultBarsBeamFloorAll Around
FebruaryEdgewater Classic8.600 – 7th9.200 – 1st8.975 – 6th9.050 – 6th35.825 – 4th
MarchLeprechaun Classic8.650 – 4th8.550 – 8th9.150 – 3rd8.725 – 4th35.075 – 4th

Summer – Auburn Gymnastics Camp

Fall – USAG Level 4

DateMeetVaultBarsBeamFloorAll Around
SeptemberAloha Invitational/NAWGJ Judges Cup9.250 – 1st9.000 – 1st9.000 – 1st9.150 – 1st36.400 – 1st
OctoberTBT “Swinging Safari” Invitational9.125 – 1st9.300 – 2nd9.150 – 2nd9.325 – 1st36.900 – 1st
OctoberCanopy Roads Classic9.250 – 5th(T)9.150 – 6th(T)8.400 – 22nd(T)9.350 – 3rd36.100 – 10th
OctoberTeddy Bear Invitational9.550 – 1st9.425 – 3rd9.625 – 1st9.100 – 3rd37.700 – 1st
NovemberTurkey Trot Invitational9.050 – 6th9.600 – 1st9.525 – 1st9.350 – 1st37.525 – 1st
December2021 Level 4 & 5 Florida State Championships9.250 – 6th(T)9.625 – 2nd9.675 – 1st9.200 – 8th(T)37.750 – 4th

*USAG Level 4 State Beam Champion


Spring – USAG Level 5

DateMeetVaultBarsBeamFloorAll Around
FebruaryEdgewater Classic – Beach Resort Meet9.350 -1st8.050 – 7th9.400 – 3rd9.200 – 1st36.000 – 2nd

Summer – University of Auburn Gymnastics Camp

Fall – USAG Level 5

DateMeetVaultBarsBeamFloorAll Around
DecemberLevel 1-2-5 Florida State Championships8.925 – 10th8.750 – 5th9.500 – 1st8.950 – 9th36.125 – 4th

October – Broke and sprained right ankle (12 weeks rehab)

*USAG Level 5 State Beam Champion


Spring – USAG Level 6

DateMeetVaultBarsBeamFloorAll Around
JanuaryGym Force Classic9.250 – 2nd8.975 – 4th9.300 – 2nd8.650 – 6th36.175 – 4th
JanuaryAtlanta Centennial Classic9.050 – 9th(T)9.050 – 5th8.700 – 9th8.575 – 11th35.375 – 8th
FebruaryGolden Ticket Invite8.825 – 2nd8.800 – 6th9.225 – 2nd8.950 – 5th35.800 – 3rd
FebruaryWOGA Classic8.475 – 10th9.300 – 2nd7.800 – 13th9.000 – 12th34.575 – 13th
MarchCharity Challenge Cup8.950 – 5th9.250 – 3rd(T)8.325 – 10th9.00 – 7th(T)35.525 – 8th
MarchL6 FL state Championships9.325 – 7th9.100 – 7th9.250 – 10th9.025 – 13th36.700 – 10th


  • University of Auburn Gymnastics Camp

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