Great list. Couple of these made me laugh. I need to work on my very own,list.

Swim. Bike. Run. 3NDURANCE.

1. You do not have to dry yourself off from a swim before getting on your bike. The Wind and Sun will do that for you.

2. You can eat whatever you want during long runs and long rides. On second thought, afterwards as well because you “earned” it.

3. You have a decent excuse for not attending that dinner party you were invited to.

4. You find yourself keeping so much equipment in your car that you are prepared to swim, bike or run at any time and anywhere.

5. People think you might be nuts and generally do not want to bother you.

6. You get to wake up for races in the middle of the night. On a Saturday or Sunday nonetheless!

7. The smell of chlorine becomes a part of your “essence”.

8. You form a special bond with your bike seat. Kind of a love-hate relationship. It’s complicated.

9. Runner’s high.

10. You…

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