January 2015 Stridebox Review

 “StrideBox is a fun and exciting way to discover running products and accessories. Each month, as a member, you will receive a curated box of apparel, accessories, and nutrition products to fuel your training sessions, workouts, and races.” – Stridebox

stridebox run runners nutrition protein recovery

Box of January goodies:

-Stridebox – Mini Training Log, temporary tattoo & sticker
-Stridebox – Safety Stridelights
-Blueberry Smart Bar by Detour Smart Bar
-G Endurance Gatorlytes by Gatorade
-Designer Whey by Protein 2 Go
-Brew Recovery Drink by GU Energy
-Cherry Limeade Hydration by Nuun Energy
-Blister Shield by 2Toms

I love the sticker that comes in every Stridebox and I have a nice collection on my daily planner (cause I am old school and just can’t digitalize my entire life).

My three favorite products from the January Box:  Safety Stridelights, Detour Smart Bar, & 2Toms Blister Shield.

1.  Safety Stridelights by Stridebox. These lights are laced into your shoes, are motion activated, and the batteries are good for 15,000 strides. Anything that helps us be seen in the wee morning hours or late at night is helpful, especially if we don’t have to hold it in our hands. The lights are bright, easy to put on, and I forget they were there instantly. I did kinda feel like a kid with light up shoes.

Detour Smart Bar

2. Blueberry Detour Smart Bar. This turned out to be my post marathon recovery bar and it was delicious. It was easy on my stomach after 26.2 miles and the texture is dense. I tend to eat lots of bananas and peanut butter as a runner and the blueberry and drizzled Greek yogurt bar was a refreshing break. I had left the bar in my car during the marathon and it didn’t break down or melt. I am absolutely investing in a box of these for my mid and long distance run days. FYI – they are gluten free.

2 Toms Blistershield

3. 2Toms Blister Shield. I am loyal to product that prevents chafing and I use it for every mid and long distance run (anything over 5 miles). I still get small blisters on long runs, but they never pop. I decided to put 2Toms to the test at the Tallahassee marathon last weekend. I have two specific spots prone to blisters. I covered these spots generously with 2Toms and while I could still feel a little something going on around mile 23, I ended up with only one very small blister that I discovered the night after the marathon. 2Toms reduces friction and I could tell that my feet felt cooler in the later miles of the marathon.

My least favorite product from the January Box: GU Brew Recovery Drink

Sometimes it is hard to pick a least favorite item, especially since what works for one runner might not work for the next. I chose GU Brew Recovery as my least favorite because it didn’t pack much of a punch as a recovery drink. $3 a serving is a bit high to me… And, just maybe… I am a bit tired of chocolate protein drinks.

Would you consider trying out Stridebox?

*I have not been compensated I any way for this review. I am a customer of Stridebox and my reviews are my personal opinions

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