Marathon #8 Training: Long Run Saturday (18-miler)

Countdown to St. Jude Memphis Marathon: 8 weeks

Long Run Saturday: 18 miles

Training Plan: Hal Higdon Novice II

So, I have this amazing life long goal of running 50 marathons in 50 states. The St. Jude Marathon will be Marathon #8 overall and my third marathon of the year.


It’s amazing how much difference a few degrees makes. Thanks to Hurricane Nate pushing up through the Gulf of Mexico my run started out around 74° and never cooled off.

Unfortunately, today is the day that it became clear to me that it is time to replace my running shoes. I wish I was diligent about tracking the mileage on my shoes  but I am not. My current Saucony Hurricanes ISO 2’s have gotten me through two marathons this year and I am pretty sure they have at least 400 miles of pavement time. I normally don’t have issues with my feet, but the last couple of long runs I started to feel like my feet had less support, a little heel pain, and discomfort in my ankles. All those aches and pains hit me about mile 6 of this long run.  I am grateful to shoe companies that are constantly improving their shoes and keeping us running.


So, 18 delectable and joyful miles that started at 4:00 am on Saturday morning. Doesn’t that just make you want to sign up for a marathon? So, mile by mile here is how my run went…

Mile 1 – Still trying to open eyes and convince myself I can do this.

Mile 2  – Looking for spider webs mostly and hoping I don’t run through any. Fun to see pumpkins everywhere. It may look like Fall, but it sure doesn’t feel like Fall.


Mile 3 – Oh look, there are some FSU college kids still out and enjoying some late night Steak n Shake. I remember those days. Gosh, now I really feel old as I stagger by in my nerdy running gear and safety lights.

Mile 4, 5, and 6 – Feeling good, this shouldn’t be so bad.

Mile 7 – Time to start eating gummies and grateful for water fountains.


Tunnel near Cascades Park


Mile 8 – Oh look, other early morning runners. Maybe I can catch up to them and run a  few miles with them. Why are they so fast? Maybe I can try to keep them in my sights for a little while, or maybe not (as they steadily pull away).

Mile 9 – Yay, bathroom break

Mile 10 –  Yes! I have passed the halfway point, now just time to make my way back home.

Mile 11 – Look, it’s my friend Tammy at the park wrapping up a workout. I think I must go over and hug her with my stinky, sweaty runner self. You are welcome.

Mile 12 – Running by Krispy Kreme Doughnuts is always nice. The sweet smell of sugar is a nice break from road kill armadillos. 20171007_054753_001.jpg

Mile 13 – Ugh… things are starting to hurt.

Mile 14 –  Ugh… things are starting to hurt more.

Mile 15 – At least the sun is coming up and it’s getting lighter outside.

Mile 16 –  Yup, let my spider guard down and just ran through a spiderweb. Ugh!

Mile 17 – These hills just get bigger and bigger.

Mile 18 – And done…. bring on the shower, the food, and the coffee.


As always, huge thank you to my sponsor, Complete Nutrition Tallahassee, who has kept me healthy, strong, and accountable this year.

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