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2017…. Back in the Saddle

Seems like just yesterday I was racing IRONMAN, Texas, even though that was almost two years ago. Life threw me a few curve balls through 2015 and 2016, but I am excited to be back in a healthy, active lifestyle and racing again.

I kicked off 2017 with the Big Beach Marathon in Alabama on January 29, 2017. The Big Beach Marathon was the first marathon I ever actually considering quitting. Mile 22 was the infamous mile in which I reached into my FlipBelt, grabbed my phone and texted for a pick up. I got no response from the other end so I kept trudging along. By mile 23 I was upset that I still didn’t get a response and bargained with myself that if I made it to mile 24 that I would go ahead and finish. I ended up finishing. The Big Beach Marathon was indeed my slowest finish time ever, but every once in awhile a humbling experience like that reminds us to be grateful that we can even get out there and complete 26.2 miles.


I followed up the Big Beach Marathon with the Tallahassee Half Marathon a week later. The hilly and beautiful winding course was a welcome change of scenery. I ran the Tallahassee Half Marathon with a friend/coach and catching up on life for 13.1 miles always makes those miles go by a little faster.


A few other exciting notes for 2017…. I am honored to be representing Complete Nutrition as a Complete Nutrition Tallahassee Athlete for 2017 and a social media influencer for Rose City Triathlon Club. Looking forward to sharing training, travels, adventures, and races this year!


HALF FANATIC Application

Half FanaticsMy love of running began in the late 1990’s, but it wasn’t until 2011 that I ran my first 5k. Admittedly, it had been a few years since I had run regularly and getting through more than one mile was more than challenging. On top of that, I was also nursing my youngest, who was eight months old at the time.

My finish time would not have passed an Army physical fitness test, but I was overjoyed just to finish. I walked away from this event with a renewed passion for running. Four months later, I found myself in a regular running routine and often surfing the internet looking for local races.

Since May 2011, I have run several 5ks, 10ks, four half marathons, and one full marathon. I have run races with my kids in a double jogging stroller, I have raced dressed up, and I have raced on hot days and races where it was pouring rain. Currently, my favorite distance is half marathon.

More than a year ago, I had a few friends tell me about Half Fanatics and told me to apply.  I finally got around to getting my membership application in this week and am anxiously awaiting my Half Fanatics member number. I have qualified for the first level- Neptune (one moon). Am I already looking at races so that I can move up to the next level in the Half Fanatic hierarchy? Of course I am!

Are you half-marathon crazy? Click here to learn more!


Half Fanatic

Hospice Half Marathon Race Recap

Hospice Half Hospice Half Marathon


OUCH! Yes, this may be one of my slowest times ever, but I am quite proud of myself for running through 9 miles of pain. My right IT band flared up at mile 4, and running up and down hills for the next another 9 miles only aggravated it further. I wore my ever so cute Nathan hydration (insert sarcasm here) belt so I would not have to stop at water stations, this proved to be a smart idea. Had I stopped and walked, there is no way I could have gotten my right leg to start moving again.

A running club member who came out to run in the Color Dash (which I had hoped to join her in) was on a school bus with other Color Dashers at the 9 mile mark. She saw me running by and stuck her head out of the window to cheer me on. I was inspired to keep pounding the pavement and finish the HM.

Per my Garmin, my performance by mile:

1 – 8:37

2 – 8:44

3 – 9:09

4 – 9:08

5 – 9:06

6 – 9:27

7 – 9:03

8 – 9:43

9 – 10:05

10 – 10:14

11 – 10:27

12 – 10:30

13 – 10:49

13.1 – 1:00 (10:02 pace)

Valdosta Hospice Half Marathon Playlist

Below is my playlist for tomorrow’s half marathon. There are several tried and true songs which I always run to and a few new ones that I pulled from the archives. Since I have a tendency to start every run too fast (who doesn’t do that???), I am attempting to bump all the slower songs to the first 6.55 miles. I am also hoping to still have enough enough energy to run in the 5k Color Dash afterward – Hospice Half & Dewey Color Dash

Hospice Half Marathon

  1. Shiver – Chris Velan
  2. Girl On Fire – Alicia Keys
  3. Sweet Dreams  – Eurythmics Sweet Dreams
  4. Breaking the Girl –  Anna Nalick
  5. Home – Phillip Phillips
  6. Crash – The Primitives
  7. The Zephyr – Red Hot Chili Peppers
  8. Man Smart, Woman Smarter – Seespot
  9. Some Nights – Fun
  10.   I Will Wait – Mumford & Sons
  11.   Touching My Body – Danity Kane
  12.   Just A Girl – No Doubt
  13.   Sexy and I Know It – LMFAO
  14.   Dance Again (feat. Pitbull) – Jennifer Lopez
  15.   Hips Don’t Lie (feat. Wyclef Jean) –  Shakira
  16.   I’m Running Right Through The World – The Toasters
  17.   Move Your Feet – JUNIOR SENIOR
  18.   The Cause – NoFX
  19.   Keep On Running – Dance Hall Crashers
  20.   Break Me Out – The Rescues
  21.   Little Lion Man -Mumford & Sons
  22.   Drunk Sincerity -Bad Religion
  23.   Trees – Marty Casey & Lovehammers
  24.   Come Join Us – Bad Religion
  25.   If You Don’t, Don’t – Jimmy Eat World
  26.   Hazy Shade Of Winter (Purple Haze Mix) – The Bangles
  27.   The Middle – Jimmy Eat World
  28.   One (Your Name) [feat. Pharrell] – Swedish House Mafia
  29.   Chasing the Sun – The Wanted
  30.   Dog Days Are Over – Florence + The Machine Lungs
  31.   California (Hustle and Flow) – Social Distortion
  32.   Basket Case – Green Day
  33.   Don’t Wanna Behave – Dance Hall Crashers
  34.   Live And Let Dance – The Untouchables
  35.   Take a Walk – Passion Pit
  36.   Lose Yourself – Eminem
  37.   Ring Of Fire – Social Distortion