2017 Gift Guide for Runners

I have been running for over 20 years and one question that seems to come up quite often is what type of running gifts to get that special runner. I’ve run with my kids, through the mountains,  and 5ks to marathons (no ultras yet). Runners can be quite picky about their shoes, nutrition, watches, and other gadgets. However, many runners have an ongoing wish list of running themed items they would love to have, and here are just a few.

1. FlipBelt


Yes, there are all kinds of belts out there but this is my favorite. I have completed seven marathons wearing a FlipBelt.  I wear it at the gym to hold my phone and iPod. I have worn my FlipBelt while flying across the country (to hold money, ID, and phone). I also wear it when I do Black Friday shopping – it holds my cards, phone, car keys, and frees up my hands to hold and carry the important stuff. FlipBelts are true to size and an excellent investment for any runner, yogi, gym rat, hiker, or walker (just to name a few). Cost: $28.99


2. NOXGEAR Tracer360 Vest

As the days get shorter many runners find themselves covering morning and evening miles in the dark. This vest was built with runners and cyclists in mind as it rotates between six bright colors that help passing motorists pay attention. It is lightweight and adjustable and can be worn over jackets and doesn’t affect your hydration belt or heart rate monitor. The vest requires three (3) AAA batteries and will stay illuminated for 40 hours. NOXGEAR also makes illuminated vests/harnesses for our four legged friends! Cost: $55.00 – 70.00

3. Runner inspired jewelry

Several years ago a friend of mine gave me a running-inspired charm as I was training for my first IRONMAN. That charm still stays with me and makes me smile every time I lace up for a long run. There is a special sentimental value of receiving a piece of running inspired jewelry. Cost: $7.00 – $50.00


4. Marathon: The Ultimate Training Guide by Hal Higdon

This is an excellent addition to any runner’s library, whether they are dreaming of training for their first half marathon, or training for their 50th marathon. The first part of this book is dedicated to inspirational stories of marathons while the latter part of the book includes training plans and tips for any runner looking to improve their running. Cost: $10.00


5. RunnerBox (subscription or gift box)

Began in 2013, RunnerBox is a subscription program that stuffs their boxes with amazing goodies every two months. RunnerBox offers box subscription for runners, cyclists, triathletes, and birthday boxes, race survival boxes, and gift cards. To provide a comparison, just about every 5k race swag bag I have ever received pales in comparison to the goodies in each RunnerBox. The box was developed by runners for runners and you can’t go wrong treating a special runner with one! Cost: $20.00 – $35.00


6. Gone for a Run 2018 Calendar

This daily desk calendar features daily pages of inspiring quotes and illustrations. The back of each page is reserved for notes and includes a daily mile/training tracker. The pages in this calendar will definitely be saved long after the year has passed.  #GoneforaRUN2018 Cost: $14.99


7. Trucker Hats

I love trucker hats!! In my running world, the weekend = trucker hat time. Whether it’s bed head I am trying to cover up or a long run Saturday, I love grabbing and sporting a trucker hat. Many running and endurance companies have jumped on board and there are some awesome hats out there! Cost: $19.99


8.  Stickers & Decals

I have heard it said time and time again that if you want to know is someone has run a marathon, don’t worry they will tell you. Well, I think the same goes for slapping a sticker on our bumper. I proudly display a couple of decals on the back of my car representing some awesome distances covered and no doubt I would find a place to proudly display any other stickers received. Cost: $1.99 and up

9. Skullcandy Earbuds

I went through almost a dozen set of earbuds before finding Skullcandy earbuds. These earbuds are soft enough and comfortable on long runs (I have worn them for 5 hours straight). I have trained and completed five marathons in Skullcandy earbuds. They are sweat resistant and have supreme sound technology. I usually go through a pair of earbuds a year and at $29.99 a pair, these offer excellent quality for the beating I put them through. Since these are reserved for running, I can stow away my fancy earbuds for other uses. Cost: $29.99


10. Race Entry

Know a runner who has been pining for months or years to do a certain race? Why not Google the race and gift them a registration spot? For most races this is pretty easily done and no doubt your special runner will enjoy that very special race.


*Gift Certificate*

If none of ideas above seem to work out, a gift certificate to a local running store is always appreciated. Any amount is usually appreciated as it will bring down the cost of those fancier items, such as new running shoes, sunglasses, or a watch. Plus, it gives that special runner a reason to visit one of their favorite places.

Happy gifting, happy running, & happy shopping?

For all you runners out there, is there anything you would add to your running wish list?


  1. TheJediWife says:

    I really like the runner bracelet you added in this post! I generally prefer to stick to gift certificates when it comes to specialized hobbies, especially for those that do them often and already know what specific items they like and use.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Mal says:

    A very close friend of our family is an avid runner and you’re right! I never know what to get her!! Thank you so much for these tips! The glow vest is especially cool!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Stephanie Jeannot says:

    I need that belt. Helpful to get that workout without allowing the phone to take your attention away from doing what you are doing. Especially for the marathon. Those headphones are pretty cool too.


  4. This is a great guide for runners and others as well. I don’t run but I walk a lot so the Skullcandy earbuds and the Flip Belt would be two things I would love to have for sure. They both would be great gift ideas for my sons too who are ride their bikes everywhere. Thanks for sharing the gift ideas.


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