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Step aside boys, this girl is going to relive her high school max and bench press 1-0-5… pounds that is.

A long, long time ago….. like, back in the olden days….. I was a high school kid and stuck in class that I truly dreaded…..

When I was a junior in high school, a mistake was made in putting together my schedule and somehow I was stuck taking weight lifting for P.E. instead of the dance class I so desperately wanted to take. Maybe that is a stretch. I may not have wanted to take dance, but I know I didn’t want to be in a sweaty old weight lifting room with a bunch of stinky boys. One other girl was stuck in the class with me and together we went to the P.E. teacher together to beg to be kicked out of the class and put in another P.E. class. Not only was he the P.E. teacher, he was also the wrestling coach. Surely, he would be glad to evict a couple of puny 5’1″ tall girls out of his class.

We were not so lucky. After begging and I think my classmate even cried, he said that he would not sign off on us getting out of his class. He told us the class would be good for us and us two girls would team up and train together through the semester. But, I didn’t want to get all bulky like a boy I complained. He just laughed. Continue reading