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National Running Day

10375981_10202723348619878_5372745956871331653_aIn honor of National Running Day I thought I would take a few moments to reflect on my love of running. First off, don’t confuse my love of running with being able to run fast. Being faster than a turtle has never been a goal.

My love of running began just after I graduated high school and happened as a result of snowboarding. After graduation, I moved to a mountain resort to work, play, and be a sponsored snowboarder. During a backcountry hike one day I realized that I did not have the stamina nor the endurance to keep up with the rest of my team. I realized I needed to pick it up a notch and decided on a whim to go for a run with my partner in crime, aka “Gizmo,” the best Siberian Husky that ever lived (so I might be a little biased). That first torturous mile felt good for about 20 steps and the rest of the time I was miserable. The joyful 20 steps kept me coming back for more.

Those 20 joyful steps turned into a regular ritual 3-5 times a week,  running for 30 -45 minutes. When I joined the Army, it was during the runs that I found peace, my mind grew quiet, and I would take in the early morning smells, and the sunrises through the trees.

After serving my country I continued to run, but much less often due to school, work demands, and pregnancy. In 2011, I rediscovered my love of running and did my first 5k. Since then, I have run in several 5ks, 10ks, half marathons, one full marathon and discovered triathlon and mud runs.

I have run along the beaches on the Pacific Coast, through the snow in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of California, in deserts of Southern California, along the Atlantic Coast in Florida.  My running journey has taken me through adventures in Arizona, South Carolina, Louisiana, Florida, Georgia, and Hawaii. During my runs I have seen sunrises, sunsets, bears, deer, elk, rabbits, snakes, dolphins, jellyfish, other runners, famous people, dogs, things that have made me smile and things that have made me cry.

Today, I run to beat the odds that are stacked against me: sickness, failure, and those that expect me to quit. I run to be a role model for my two little girls. I run to find my quiet place. I run to keep my sanity. I run because it is a gift to be able to run. I run because I can.

Tallahassee Marathon  1048283_10200528128540748_1655720187_o 1452165_10201545560495911_1733698033_n 1980527_649672411747509_6522627930482009540_o

Why do you run?

Run Around the Lakes 5k Recap 6.22.2013

The night before the Inaugural Run Around the Lakes 5k, I realized I was nervous and a bit anxious. For the past two years, all my 5ks had been run while pushing two little girls, unless the 5k was at then end of a swim and bike. The Run Around the Lakes would be the first time I ran without a stroller and it would be the first time my 4-year-old raced in her first 1 mile Fun Run.

We got off to a pretty easy start on race day. In true skirt day = run day fashion, my munchkins picked out pink tutus and running shoes for race day. The race location was 25 minutes away; with an 8:00 1 Mile Fun Run start and 9:00 5k start we had plenty of time to get there and situate ourselves. Tallahassee mornings in June are warm and humid, and today was no different.

1 Mile Fun Run

Run Around the Lakes 012Run Around the Lakes 018Run Around the Lakes 028Run Around the Lakes 031Run Around the Lakes 035Run Around the Lakes 043 Continue reading

Hospice Half Marathon Race Recap

Hospice Half Hospice Half Marathon


OUCH! Yes, this may be one of my slowest times ever, but I am quite proud of myself for running through 9 miles of pain. My right IT band flared up at mile 4, and running up and down hills for the next another 9 miles only aggravated it further. I wore my ever so cute Nathan hydration (insert sarcasm here) belt so I would not have to stop at water stations, this proved to be a smart idea. Had I stopped and walked, there is no way I could have gotten my right leg to start moving again.

A running club member who came out to run in the Color Dash (which I had hoped to join her in) was on a school bus with other Color Dashers at the 9 mile mark. She saw me running by and stuck her head out of the window to cheer me on. I was inspired to keep pounding the pavement and finish the HM.

Per my Garmin, my performance by mile:

1 – 8:37

2 – 8:44

3 – 9:09

4 – 9:08

5 – 9:06

6 – 9:27

7 – 9:03

8 – 9:43

9 – 10:05

10 – 10:14

11 – 10:27

12 – 10:30

13 – 10:49

13.1 – 1:00 (10:02 pace)

Valdosta Hospice Half Marathon Playlist

Below is my playlist for tomorrow’s half marathon. There are several tried and true songs which I always run to and a few new ones that I pulled from the archives. Since I have a tendency to start every run too fast (who doesn’t do that???), I am attempting to bump all the slower songs to the first 6.55 miles. I am also hoping to still have enough enough energy to run in the 5k Color Dash afterward – Hospice Half & Dewey Color Dash

Hospice Half Marathon

  1. Shiver – Chris Velan
  2. Girl On Fire – Alicia Keys
  3. Sweet Dreams  – Eurythmics Sweet Dreams
  4. Breaking the Girl –  Anna Nalick
  5. Home – Phillip Phillips
  6. Crash – The Primitives
  7. The Zephyr – Red Hot Chili Peppers
  8. Man Smart, Woman Smarter – Seespot
  9. Some Nights – Fun
  10.   I Will Wait – Mumford & Sons
  11.   Touching My Body – Danity Kane
  12.   Just A Girl – No Doubt
  13.   Sexy and I Know It – LMFAO
  14.   Dance Again (feat. Pitbull) – Jennifer Lopez
  15.   Hips Don’t Lie (feat. Wyclef Jean) –  Shakira
  16.   I’m Running Right Through The World – The Toasters
  17.   Move Your Feet – JUNIOR SENIOR
  18.   The Cause – NoFX
  19.   Keep On Running – Dance Hall Crashers
  20.   Break Me Out – The Rescues
  21.   Little Lion Man -Mumford & Sons
  22.   Drunk Sincerity -Bad Religion
  23.   Trees – Marty Casey & Lovehammers
  24.   Come Join Us – Bad Religion
  25.   If You Don’t, Don’t – Jimmy Eat World
  26.   Hazy Shade Of Winter (Purple Haze Mix) – The Bangles
  27.   The Middle – Jimmy Eat World
  28.   One (Your Name) [feat. Pharrell] – Swedish House Mafia
  29.   Chasing the Sun – The Wanted
  30.   Dog Days Are Over – Florence + The Machine Lungs
  31.   California (Hustle and Flow) – Social Distortion
  32.   Basket Case – Green Day
  33.   Don’t Wanna Behave – Dance Hall Crashers
  34.   Live And Let Dance – The Untouchables
  35.   Take a Walk – Passion Pit
  36.   Lose Yourself – Eminem
  37.   Ring Of Fire – Social Distortion