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Winner: Sadie B.

What is THAT? Have you ever been asked that question as you whip out what looks like a super-sized ketchup packet, tear it open and squirt something colorful with the texture of honey into your mouth? If you answered “yes,” then my guess is you have been introduced to the world of energy gels!

My first energy gel experience took place while on a summer bike ride a few years ago. About 20 miles into a bike ride, I whipped out an Espresso flavored Gu Energy Gel. I was not prepared for what I was in for….. warm, flavorful, and gooey!

Here’s where I get to show I’m not as young as I once was…. back in my Army days, we used to use honey packets before a timed physical fitness test or during long workouts. Honey packets either came in the form of a ketchup packet or what looked like a straw (similar to Pixie Sticks candy).

You will often find energy gels in goody bags for local road races – everything from 5ks to marathons, at local cycling events, and triathlons. I have even seen endurance belts designed to accommodate up to six gels at a time. While watching Ironman Kona (from my living room couch of course), I saw one triathlete tape over ten Gu packets onto her bike frame. Energy gels are indeed going to stick around (pun intended).

Energy Gel Giveaway includes:

Gu Energy Gel – Salted Caramel
Gu Energy Gel –   Salted Watermelon
Gu Energy Gel – Root Beer
Mud Energy – Chocolate Truffle Rage
Accel Gel – Vanilla
2nd Surge – Pina Colada

Gel Giveaway

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Running skirts, airports, and a lululemon *(closed)*

Congrats to  Jessica Fong, $20 Lululemon giftcard winner!

For anyone who as ever flown on an airplane…

I’d like to consider myself a seasoned traveler, but not quite a frequent flyer. I can usually find my way through an airport without too much difficulty and there are a handful of airports I hate to have connecting flights through. I’ve flown as a soldier, as a pregnant mama, with a toddler and a baby in a stroller while nursing, and am very grateful to be passed the nursing momma stage.

This past weekend I traveled to Chicago for an amazing event called the Herbalife Extravaganza, which I hope to blog about later this week. After a full day of work on Friday, I flew out of Valdosta, GA Regional Airport (an airport consisting of one runway, free parking, and a building the size of a grocery store) to Chicago O’Hare International. Saturday and Sunday were jam-packed days full of learning, growing, smiling, and even some tears were shed.

Due to a crazy schedule, I found myself headed to the airport in one of my favorite running skirts on Sunday afternoon. I did not get a chance to go for a morning run, but did enjoy a wonderful yoga session in an empty corridor of a busy hotel. My flight out of Chicago O’Hare was late, which meant my connection in Atlanta was cut down to a less than  40 minute layover. Of course I was on the back on the plane. So when we landed, the clock was ticking and by the time I was off the plane, I had less than 30 minutes to cross three terminals and run to the very last gate. I don’t mind missing a flight most times, but this as the last flight of the night headed into Valdosta.

After getting off the train into the connecting terminal, I found myself jogging ever so gracefully as one can do while toting a laptop in a shoulder bag and a purse in the other. As I jogged up to the gate and handed my sweaty, crumpled ticket to the lady at the ticket counter, she said, “beautiful skirt… and you made it with less than a minute before we close the door.” All I could do was smile ear-to-ear and say THANK YOU!

I think I smiled all the way home and officially have a “lucky” skirt now. Not only is it lucky, it was the most comfortable thing I have ever flown in!

In honor of my love of running skirts, I am giving away a $20 giftcard to lululemon!


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Good luck & run on!!!!