Freedom Springs Sprint Triathlon Race Recap: 7.4.2014

Freedom Springs Sprint Triathlon

This is the second year I have participated in the Freedom Springs Sprint Triathlon and is officially a 4th of July tradition for me. Due to a very busy and hectic schedule leading up to the 4th, I wasn’t sure if any of our Tri Club members had signed up for the event.

Race Day

The forecast for race day: Sunny, HOT, and HOTTER. Since this was not my first time taking small country roads to Marianna, FL, I was able to enjoy the drive and not worry about getting lost. Once I arrived, I checked in, got my body marked, set up my transition, and was pleasantly surprised to see several of our Tri Club members. One of our Tri Club members looked a little nervous, more nervous than usual, and I asked her how many of these she had done. She told me this was her first and she was nervous about the cold water and the swim. I told her I would swim with her if she wanted.

A few minutes before the start, I inched my wetsuit up my sticky, sweaty body and eased my way into the cool, spring fed water. The swim start is just beyond two concrete docks, which means a treading water kind of start. It is a straight out and back swim, which I think makes the swim look even longer. After the men started, we made our way out to the docks to wait for our start. Having panicked on my own swims and knowing exactly what this swim was like, I will always help someone if they give me that look….. you know the look….. the look of, “I’d really like you to stay, but I don’t want you to give up your race..”

When our wave started, we started at the back of the pack. Someone snapped a picture and you can see me at the back of the pack talking to my friend, who did great. Our swim consisted of a little freestyle stroke, a little backstroke, controlling some quick breathing, a buoy grab, repeat, repeat…. when we got to the turn around point, the buoy (a tire) had floated off course so we got to swim a little extra further and the dozen or so people behind us cut across before us and were able to finish just ahead of us.

2014 Freedom Springs Triathlon

The last yellow cap… that’s me.

Freedom Springs 2014 2

Yes, we were having a conversation.

Transition to the bike went smoothly. The 10 mile out and back ride had road kill surprise obstacles, including armadillos and snakes. I did catch several cyclists on the ride an cracked some jokes along the way. A few laughed and a few looked miserable, which is probably how I look on most swims. Near the end of the bike, my water bottle holder on my seat came loose and rubbed on my bike tire. This definitely slowed me down and am grateful I did not pop a tire.

Freedom Springs 2014 3

If you can’t look fast, then at least look like you are having fun!


The run takes you through a hilly Georgia-style clay dirt road. I had an awesome run even though I am not sure of my time. Having done several HOT runs lately, this run seemed cooler and easier. I did run a negative split and was able to push the last mile faster and sprint to the finish.

I am already looking forward to this race next year!



Placed: 119/173, AG: 5/10

Overall time: 1:26:44

  (Rough Estimates) swim 22:20,  bike 35:44, run 26:05

Freedom Springs 2014 4 Freedom Springs 2014 5


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