A Plank a Day Challenge: Day 14 of 30, 2:40 seconds

I decided to take on the plank a day challenge for 30 days. I have never held the plank position for more than 90 seconds at one time so I am wondering if I will really be able to hold it longer than that as time wears on.

(1.30) Day 14 – 2:40 sec: Somehow I pulled this one out of the hat… on the second attempt that is. The first attempt was a disaster – 45 seconds in my toddler walks by and lets me know without words that she just did #2, which did me in. After collecting myself and freshening up the room, I attempted again. I had to dig deep to get to 2:40 but somehow managed to make it. My lower back did not appreciate it and I can’t figure out why my shoulder were burning. I am fighting a head cold, so I have no idea what tomorrow holds. The mere fact that tomorow marks the halfway point of the challenge makes me want to hold 2:50.


(1.17) Day 1 – 30 sec: Pretty Easy. I did two sets to help prepare for what is to come (1.18) Day 2 – 40 sec: Almost forgot about the challenge already. Ended up doing the plank at 11:00 at night just before bed (1.19) Day 3 – 50 sec: Still hanging in there. Feeling strong like this is doable. (1.20) Day 4 – 60 sec: Doing okay. Hubby got down and had to show off by holding plank way longer than my 60 seconds. (1.21) Day 5 – 70 sec: Almost forgot about my challenge already. Had to get out of bed and did alright. (1.22) Day 6 – 80 sec: Thought I would change it up and start my day with this challenge. Dismal failure. Lasted 30 seconds, then 15 seconds, than another 15 seconds. Going to attempt to revisit this challenge tonight. Starting t think I should have added 5 seconds a day.

(1.23) Day 7 – 90 sec: I did a 2 hr bike ride first thing this morning and then worked chest n tri’s at lunch. Did not look forward to my 90 second plank after dinner. Anyhow, got down on the floor and had my hubby time me so I couldn’t see the clock. I swear he set the timer for 2 minutes or more. I did survive the 90 seconds, and I literally felt my body temperature increase and start perspiring with each passing second.

(1.24) Day 8 – 100 sec: With sore tri’s and chest and a belly full of pizza, I grudgingly took on day 8 of this challenge. It is amazing the gamut of emotions that can go through one’s mind in 100 seconds. 0-30s, felt pretty good… I think I can do this…. 30-60s, okay not so bad…. 60-70s, okay I am starting to sweat and my body is beginning to shake… 70-80s, why the heck am I doing this I am screaming in my head… 80-90, still screaming at myself and convinced I am going to have heartburn from the exertion, 91… 92… each second felt like forever… 99, 100… held it. Officially a new record for me. What will 110 seconds bring tomorrow?

(1.25) Day 9 – 110 sec: I am proud to say that I was able to hold the plank position for 110 seconds. It did not feel much harder than the night before (which was hard) and knowing that tomorrow I will hold for an even 2 minutes, made tonight a little easier. I’m setting up an oscillating fan for tomorrow though.

(1.26) Day 10 – 2:00 minutes!!! Whooohooooo!! Yes, held it for the full 2:00 minutes. Not going to tell you how tough it was — too stoked at the moment.

(1.27) Day 11 – 2:10 sec: I thought the fire would be gone after attaining the elusive 2:00 minute hold. While watching the Shawshank Redemption tonight, I decided to take on Day 11 of the challenge. I figured that watching the movie would help the 2:10 go by faster. No. My plan didn’t work. I was able to hold to 90 seconds pretty good, but those last 40 seconds were torture. As I lay there sweating and shaking all I could think was there were songs shorter than 2:10 and that I could hold the plank through a whole song. I reached 2:10 and set yet another new PR. Bring on Monday!

(1.28) Day 12 – 2:20 sec: A daunting challenge indeed. I got dear old hubby to get down and plank with me for 2:20 for moral support. After a minute into the challenge, the realization occurred to me that this might be the night I don’t make it. It was about that time that my 2-yr old got on daddy’s back. He still held his plank for 45 seconds until she decided to move on to the next task. With 10 seconds left, I had broken into a full sweat, my lower back was hurting, my arms were shaking, and the toddler was eyeballing me to crawl up on my back for a piggy back ride. I somehow managed to make it to 2:20 and collapsed in pride and exhaustion. I am sure my hubby could have held it for 5 minutes without a problem.

(1.29) Day 13 – 2:30 sec: Yes, I was full of excuses today. I did a 2 hour bike ride this morning and my throat is sore so I am probably getting a cold. Anyhow, I laid on the floor and set the timer on my phone. 2:30 is a long time. It’s a long time for a pre-schooler to sit in timeout, it is longer than the attention span of some dogs (and kids), and it is longer than I have ever held my body in the plank position. Until tonight that is. Somehow, I made it through all 2:30, but when I looked at my phone and saw 45 seconds remaining I near about collapsed. Then, my cat started rubbing against my head and I couldn’t shooosh him away.  Afterward, I rolled onto my back and got in the “dying cockroach” position to relax my muscles. How many of you know what the “dying cockroach” is anyhow?

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