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A Plank a Day Challenge: Day 12 of 30, 2:20 minutes

I decided to take on the plank a day challenge for 30 days. I have never held the plank position for more than 90 seconds at one time so I am wondering if I will really be able to hold it longer than that as time wears on.

(1.28) Day 12 –  2:20 sec: A daunting challenge indeed. I got dear old hubby to get down and plank with me for 2:20 for moral support. After a minute into the challenge, the realization occurred to me that this might be the night I don’t make it. It was about that time that my 2-yr old got on daddy’s back. He still held his plank for 45 seconds until she decided to move on to the next task. With 10 seconds left, I had broken into a full sweat, my lower back was hurting,  my arms were shaking, and the toddler was eyeballing me to crawl up on my back for a piggy back ride. I somehow managed to make it to 2:20 and collapsed in pride and exhaustion. I am sure my hubby could have held it for 5 minutes without a problem.

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