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A Plank a Day Challenge: Day 16 of 30, 3:00 seconds

I decided to take on the plank a day challenge for 30 days. I have never held the plank position for more than 90 seconds at one time so I am wondering if I will really be able to hold it longer than that as time wears on.

(2.1) Day 16 – 3:00 sec: Accomplished! However, 20 minutes later my back is still feeling it. I’ve officially passed the halfway mark on the challenge and I can’t believe I held the plank for 3:00, which is twice as long as I ever recall holding it. In fact, I think I have only held it 45 seconds at a time. It is pretty torturous to look down at the timer and realize you still have at least a minute to go and your entire body is shaking.


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