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A Plank a Day Challenge: Day 8 of 30, 100 seconds

I decided to take on the plank a day challenge for 30 days. I have never held the plank position for more than 90 seconds at one time so I am wondering if I will really be able to hold it longer than that as time wears on.

(1.17) Day 1 – 30 sec: Pretty Easy. I did two sets to help prepare for what is to come
(1.18) Day 2 – 40 sec: Almost forgot about the challenge already. Ended up doing the plank at 11:00 at night just before bed
(1.19) Day 3 – 50 sec: Still hanging in there. Feeling strong like this is doable.
(1.20) Day 4 – 60 sec: Doing okay. Hubby got down and had to show off by holding plank way longer than my 60 seconds.
(1.21) Day 5 – 70 sec: Almost forgot about my challenge already. Had to get out of bed and did alright.
(1.22) Day 6 – 80 sec: Thought I would change it up and start my day with this challenge. Dismal failure. Lasted 30 seconds, then 15 seconds, than another 15 seconds. Going to attempt to revisit this challenge tonight. Starting t think I should have added 5 seconds a day.

(1.23) Day 7 – 90 sec: I did a 2 hr bike ride first thing this morning and then worked chest n tri’s at lunch. Did not look forward to my 90 second plank after dinner. Anyhow, got down on the floor and had my hubby time me so I couldn’t see the clock. I swear he set the timer for 2 minutes or more. I did survive the 90 seconds, and I literally felt my body temperature increase and start perspiring with each passing second.

(1.24) Day 8 – 100 sec: With sore tri’s and chest and a belly full of pizza, I grudgingly took on day 8 of this challenge. It is amazing the gamut of emotions that can go through one’s mind in 100 seconds. 0-30s, felt pretty good… I think I can do this…. 30-60s, okay not so bad…. 60-70s, okay I am starting to sweat and my body is beginning to shake… 70-80s, why the heck am I doing this I am screaming in my head… 80-90, still screaming at myself and convinced I am going to have heartburn from the exertion, 91… 92… each second felt like forever… 99, 100… held it. Officially a new record for me. What will 110 seconds bring tomorrow?

100 seconds, with helpers

100 seconds, with helpers

A Plank a Day Challenge for 30 Days!

So, I decided to take on a challenge that a fellow BTer posted, “I joined a plank a day challenge on twitter and thought it was a cool idea so I’ll start a challenge here. It’s simple do at least one plank a day for at least 30 seconds.”

My challenge starts today and my goal is to start with a 30 second plank today and add 10 seconds each day. This means that at the end of 30 days, I will hold a plank for 5:20…. I don’t think so. We’ll see how it goes.


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