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A Plank a Day Challenge: Day 22 of 30, 3:30 seconds- CONQUERED!

I decided to take on the plank a day challenge for 30 days. I have never held the plank position for more than 90 seconds at one time so I am wondering if I will really be able to hold it longer than that as time wears on.

(2.7) Day 22 – 3:30 sec: I decided to hit the gym after work for a short workout. I figured if I started with the plank and held it for 3:30 I would be done with my 20 minute workout. As I was planking it out this evening, I thought about those DVD’s that came out years ago – 8 Minute Abs. Who remembers those? Well, all I could think of is who needs an 8 minute video when you can plank a day for 30 days. After that thought passed, I realized I still had 1:45 seconds to go, only halfway there. At this point I could feel my entire body perspiring and the last 30 seconds were true torture. If I survive 3:40 tomorrow, I will be closing in on the 4 minute mark.


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